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Little Bobbos #207
Little Bobbos #207

#207 Little Bobbo#207

Rank: 4
TIER Score: 1279

Special Trait: 157% Rarity (0.450% have this)

Rarity: 157%
(0.450% have this)
Background: Sunset background
(4.505% have this)
Wigs: Clown wig
(14.865% have this)
Shades: Black shades
(16.216% have this)
Top: Green t-shirt
(22.072% have this)
Coin: Gold HBAR coin
(22.973% have this)
Body: Body tone 3
(24.775% have this)
Tattoo: HBAR tattoo
(40.090% have this)
Pants: Blue pants
(41.892% have this)
Bling: Broke as a joke
(90.541% have this)
Prop: No prop
(97.748% have this)
Freebies: Exclusive giveaways
(100.000% have this)
Utility: VIP access to Did Coding projects
(100.000% have this)

All traits

Attribute TypeAttribute ValuePercent OwnedTrait Score
BackgroundSunset background4.505%10
WigsClown wig14.865%33
ShadesBlack shades16.216%36
TopGreen t-shirt22.072%49
CoinGold HBAR coin22.973%51
BodyBody tone 324.775%55
TattooHBAR tattoo40.090%89
PantsBlue pants41.892%93
BlingBroke as a joke90.541%201
PropNo prop97.748%217
FreebiesExclusive giveaways100.000%222
UtilityVIP access to Did Coding projects100.000%222


#207 Little Bobbo

Rank: 4
TIER Score: 1279

Listing Price: N/A

Owner: 0.0.1380608

Token ID: 0.0.1454521

Serial Number: 207